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Post-Victorian Serial Fiction

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Current Serials
(an incomplete list)

Dangerous Waste, by bluedevi
When wannabe actor Zoe starts a temporary job as assistant to eccentric psychiatrist Dr Wakeling, she expects to be bored. Instead she is plunged into a constantly shifting world where ideas warp reality. This is a tale of extreme temping, missing brains, the things we've forgotten and the things we'd like to forget.
A new chapter every Monday - click here for Chapter 1

The Ariannis, or, The Tale of a Most Remarkable Family of Means, by fabulousfrock
This is the story of Det Arianni, the wealthiest man and the most powerful telepath in the Victorian society of the planet Arestin, and his family and friends, who include a low class flower girl from the streets, a cloth doll boy who happens to be the Grim Reaper, and two rivalrous musicians.
A new chapter every second Monday - click here for Chapter 1

The Cursed Queen of Cimbrethuil, by dracunculus
When a daring and beautiful thief steals an arcane treasure from an ancient tomb, she finds herself caught in a treacherous web of sorcery, bloodshed, and passion.
A new chapter every Tuesday - click here for Chapter 1

Bloody Kisses, by sparkfrost
When disillusionment turns to apathy, and sadism turns to bloodlust, you've entered the nocturnal world of vampires. Watch as Kellen Levey, former college student, starts a hedonistic journey through the underworld of Washington DC accompanied by the beautiful but deadly Morgan, sometimes called Fey...
A new chapter every Wednesday - click here for Chapter 1

The Variants, by pollyatkin
Peter Chance is a multi-faceted man. In fact, he is more multi-faceted than he ever would have imagined, a home truth that is about to become all too clear. If you've ever wondered about the alternative versions of your life you could have led but for a few tiny desicions, The Variants holds all the answers you need. Just be sure you're sure you want to find them...
A new chapter every Thursday - click here for Chapter 1

The Adventures of a Widow, by feath
Most Victorian women would have faded away at the death of their Dear Husband. Most would have fainted if confronted with a sharp word - much less a sharp sword. Most would never have set foot out the door, defying her brother or convention. But then, most Victorian women are not Olivia Blackstone.
A new chapter every Friday - click here for Chapter 1

The Peculiar Progeny of Pan Demonium, by verlaine
Verlaine writes,"When supposedly dead genius Mervyn Peake bumps into well-known children's author Lemony Snicket in a dark alleyway, he knows the game's up unless he does something fast. Savagely beating Snicket to death with his umbrella, he removes the corpse's skin so that he can wear it... er, maybe I'd better rethink this blurb thing :)"
A new chapter every Friday - click here for Chapter 1

The God Egg, by strange_powers
On the precipice of the Victorian era, a disgraced British scientist leads an expedition to avert an impending global catastrophe. But the nature of the threat is far from certain, and their adventure crosses the boundaries between man, planet, and creator.
A new chapter every Saturday - click here for Chapter 1